Southland Safety provides on-site high-angle and confined space rescue technicians and medical services teams to oil and gas operators and contractors. We have worked in gas plants, on pipelines, and other facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Southland has mobile response units that are specially equipped for technical rescue support and on-site medical services.

Southland has a state-of-the-art training facility for both high-angle and confined space rescue technicians. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in oil & gas operations.

All of Southland Safety's medical service technicians have been trained in construction site safety plus a specially designed class on the treatment of common oil & gas eye injuries (i.e. the removal of foreign objects, etc.)

Rope access can reduce the cost, time, and hazards associate with some jobs. By utilizing ropes, contractors can eliminate the need for scaffolding which will reduce the time necessary to access the work area, cut the cost of the scaffolding, and eliminate the hazards of scaffolding. Rope access also makes the job easier for the employee performing the work because they’re safer, and can use their energy to work instead of climbing rope ladders, etc. Please contact us or call for more information.