On-Site Personnel

Our safety personnel are experienced and well-versed in all kinds of occupational environments; we have safety technicians assigned to oil and gas refineries, pipelines, plants, mills, and oil rigs. We work around the needs of your company and are able to provide full-time or part-time safety supervision. Our on-site safety team can conduct safety meetings, write permits, provide safety training, complete Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), and perform any other safety-related work you need on the job.

We can provide safety personnel for long-term and short-term jobs. We have pipeline side-by-sides, an on-site OQ trailer, travel trailers, and all additional equipment necessary for the job. No job is too small or too large.

Document Writing: Safety Manuals, Policies, and Procedures

Southland Safety is proud to offer its clients a manual that is compliant with OSHA regulations and those of the various on-line auditing companies (like ISNetworld® & PEC) that the majority of the pipeline operators utilize to monitor their subcontractor’s HSE compliance. We provide our clients with a manual that is customized to their industry and specific to their company. You will receive both hard and digital copies, and a compliance guarantee.

ISNetworld, PEC, PICS, BROWZ, and Veriforce Setup and Maintenance

Southland Safety, LLC is poised to handle all of your ISNetworld® needs: MSQ, RAVS®, quarterly updates, OSHA, insurance and other document submittal. If you are an experienced ISN® user, or an operator has just asked you to join, we can handle your ISN® business efficiently and promptly.

Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse among U.S. workers continues to plague industries. Lost work days, unsafe workplaces, theft in the workplace and lower productivity are examples of the harm caused by these abuses. Southland Safety is committed to assisting our clients in creating and maintaining a "clean" workplace, free of drugs and alcohol.

  • DOT / Non-regulated drug testing / alcohol testing
  • Post-accident drug testing with fast response time
  • On-site drug testing at our Henderson, TX office.
  • After-hours sample collections
  • Instant drug tests available for purchase at our Henderson, TX facility. This includes drug testing for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and opiates — all in one drug test.

Incident Investigation

Southland Safety’s extensive experience in incident investigation benefits a company in multiple ways. Our field personnel can be on-site quickly to conduct an accident investigation. We will:

  • Take incident photographs
  • Take incident statements from all employees involved and including witnesses
  • Escort injured employees to the emergency room to make sure your employee is cared for and to help mitigate recordable incidents
  • File claims (if applicable), and see them to completion
  • Conduct a thorough root cause analysis, examining direct, indirect, and associated causes of the workplace accident
  • Develop an action plan for corrective and preventative measures and controls to prevent accidents in the future

Thorough incident investigations are important. The detailed investigation and subsequent report that our team produces empowers our clients after an accident on location. Comprehensive documentation gives your company the necessary tools to:

  • Adjust safety related policies to fit your needs and reduce risk
  • Reduce work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Improve your company's safety program and ultimately improve the workplace morale and productivity with your employees
  • Reduce your number of OSHA recordable cases
  • Reduce workers compensation insurance costs
  • Prepare for litigation if any legal matter arises from the workplace incident